Alien Worlds Nft Game Review

In today’s article, we will talk about a game with a fully decentralized economy in the Play-to-Earn genre – Alien Worlds!

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a space-themed P2E decentralized finance ( DeFi ) metaverse. In the game, we have to travel to different planets and mine the game currency and the $Trilium ($TLM) resource on them. Alien Worlds is a game built on the WAX ​​blockchain. We have already looked at projects on WAX, such as Farmers World or Train of the Century.

NFTs in the game are various tools, lands, minions, and weapons. We will analyze everything related to NFT in the game in more detail below.

Alien Worlds, how to start playing?

You will need the Wax Cloud Wallet to start playing Alien Worlds. How to create it, we told in the article “How to create and activate a Wax Cloud Wallet.” Further, with the help of it, we register on the game’s official website.

Necessary clarification: Russian users may need a VPN to play.

Done; your account has been created! Now moving on to character selection, this is a cosmetic option for you; it doesn’t affect anything in the game.

After the character, you must select the Planet on which we will mine TLM. Here you need to pay attention to the Current Mining Pot: the higher the indicator, the greater your potential earnings

All preparations are over; you can start the game!

Alien Worlds NFT

In the game, NFTs are presented in the form of collectible cards. And they are all traded on the Atomic Hub marketplace. Each card has its rarity; there are 6 in total:

  • Abundant;
  • Common;
  • Rare;
  • Epic;
  • Legendary;
  • Mythical.

The game also has an NFT card upgrade system (Glitter). You need to combine 4 NFTs of the same glitter to get an advanced card. Glitter:

  • Stone;
  • Gold;
  • Stardust;
  • Antimatter;
  • XDimension.

And now, in more detail on all types of NFTs:

1) Land is a piece of land on the planet for token mining. Each land has characteristics depend on: the frequency of production, the size of the reward, and the chance of NFT falling out. This table shows all 20 types of land:

Now the cost of one piece of land starts from $1600:

2) Tools used for mining, such as shovels or drills. The price and effectiveness depend on the rarity of the NFT. The table shows the parameters of some tools:

The cheapest instruments on the marketplace cost less than one cent:

3) Mercenary and Arms are your minions (Mercenary) and weapons (Arms) for them. Minions are used in battles against other players. Their effectiveness and power are determined by the indicators of attack, defense, and the amount of energy needed for movement.

Weapons are used for combat in the game. The characteristics depend on the rarity and brilliance of the NFT card.

4) Faces – this is the appearance of your character. It does not affect the gameplay and has only a decorative function.

Alien Worlds, how to earn?

Like most games on WAX, earnings in Alien Worlds are not based on fun gameplay but on creating your own “farm” for passive income. To earn money, you only need to regularly click in the game, for example, choosing a place for mining, and for this, you do not need to spend a lot of time. But not everything is so dull; the game also has gameplay with your active participation, on which you can earn money! Ways to earn money in Alien Worlds:

  • Mining. And this is not just an analog of mining in real life; this is it! All it takes is well-chosen NFTs to loot and occasional logins to clicking through in certain places. Although mining in Alien Worlds is a relatively simple way to earn money, in addition to NFT, you also need suitable PC components to increase income since the mining speed depends on them;

  • NFT staking. Probably the easiest way. Occurs through the game R-Planet. Buy NFTs and, by sending them for staking at an interest rate that you are interested in, receive passive income;

  • Missions. Players can complete missions from the developers and receive rewards for doing so (usually the in-game currency of the game is $TLM, but there may also be rare NFTs). Rewards for successful missions trade very well in the marketplace;

  • Battle. This is the same way with your active participation. In PVP battles in Alien Worlds, you are in command of your minions. The battle’s outcome will depend on the characteristics and rarity of your NFTs: minions and weapons for them. For winning, you are rewarded in the form of NFT or in-game currency.

Alien Worlds is hugely popular among the community of gamers. And we can say with confidence that not in vain. The game has many different functions and ways to earn money. On the plus side, Alien Worlds is built on the WAX ​​blockchain, and it doesn’t require a lot of upfront investment to get started!


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