Alpha Season 3 Has Ended In The Sandbox. Summing Up

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Sandbox Season 3 ended yesterday. It was the third season in a string of events leading up to the launch of the full version of the iconic metaverse. It lasted 70 days, during which time the Sandbox team collected a massive amount of data before the full launch of the project. And the players had good chances to earn! Despite the end of season 3, the metaverse, of course, remains open to its users.


During these 70 days, many delightful events could be seen. Of course, the season’s headliners were Snoop Dog and Steve Aoki, but we also saw: Atari, BAYC, The Walking Dead, The Smurfs, and many others.


In the next two weeks will be distributed prizes among users of the project. And first of all, it will be prizes for participation in the lottery. They will be handed out today – November 5th. In the previous article, we talked about how you could take part and get lottery tickets.


Further, guaranteed prizes will be distributed among land owners (LAND), collectible avatars, and NFTs on November 7th.

And finally, on November 9, prizes will be given to the players who have collected the most EPs. Until November 9, the Sandbox 3 anti-cheat team will remove cheaters from the leaderboard. All participants who used OTC services to bypass verification and create multiple accounts will be excluded from the table. Therefore, its final form will be different.


The player ranked first on the leaderboard will receive 30,000 SAND tokens worth nearly $26,000. The total pool of awards is shown below.


Participants’ Comments

Despite the successful end of the season, massive attention in the community, successful collaborations, and upcoming awards, there were some negative reviews.


Most negative reviews are related to the table of participants and bugs. Our team also encountered some bugs during the season. Some users experienced a game crash and a blue screen. However, in our case, support responded quite quickly.

What’s Next?

The team will process all collected experiences to improve the project. For example, new features have already been added to the Sandbox profile, such as changing the email associated with the profile. The lack of this feature was previously quite an inconvenient flaw.

In addition, new collaborations and the launch of new NFT collections do not stop. For example, Argentine football player Sergio Aguero launched his collection of avatars. In general, the prospects for the project look positive. The Sandbox project has attracted a lot of attention despite the bear market. This will likely affect future investment and the financial security of the metaverse.

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