Ama Session Stepn

The developers of the Stepn game completed another AMA session, where they answered many questions. They took to Twitter this morning and announced a new update. It has now become known that it will appear along with the launch of the third world, that is, already on July 15th.

A little later, in August, a marketplace will appear on the site, where each player can buy sneakers for coins of any world on one page (SOL, BNB, ETH).

The team is actively looking for ways to attract new users. For example, with the help of physical goods, various collaborations with major brands, and holding events. In addition, communication will be established between users of web2 and web3 spaces – the ability to make purchases for fiat. Thus, the team hopes to see 100 million new users on its platform.

The team wants to find a way to determine the players’ age while not collecting data.

The bear market negatively affected the Stepn market. However, the creators assured us they were doing better than their competitors. Many users are worried about the GST rate, which continues to fall. At the time of writing, the token is trading at $0.079, according to CoinGecko.

The team stated that it could affect the increase in GST, which will last for a maximum of two weeks; however, according to them, this does not make sense. They care about the long term. The developers advise buying sneakers and trying out every mechanic of the game.

In conclusion, they added that we would have a lot of updates in the game in the next three months.

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