Apple Allowed The Publication Of NFT Applications In The App Store

The American corporation Apple allowed applications for selling non-fungible tokens in its App Store marketplace.

Apple has allowed developers to publish non-fungible token sale (NFT) apps on its App Store. The Information writes this with reference to mobile application developers.

At the same time, the company retained a commission of 30% from each financial transaction, iOS developers reported. This has already led to some NFT projects refusing to be placed on the App Store. NFT marketplace Magic Eden withdrew its application after learning about the 30% fee. Moreover, the media write, the media write that the marketplace has not changed its position even after Apple proposed to reduce the commission to 15%.

Apple has long treated NFTs as a gray area. What exactly caused the change, of course, is unclear. The editors previously wrote that the App Store has long supported OpenSea and Rarible marketplaces applications in the listing. However, both function as browsers for viewing tokens, not buying them.

Until recently, Apple has been slow to formulate rules for applications that support non-fungible tokens. The lack of precise requirements resulted in some applications being removed from the listing. It remains unclear whether Apple has set detailed requirements for NFT applications this time.

Meanwhile, Apple is looking for a cryptocurrency expert, but the company has not yet taken any public steps toward legalizing digital assets in its ecosystem.

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