Are These M2E Games Dead?

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The Move-to-Earn genre is the main trend of 2022. And the well-known STEPN asked him. It was to be expected that many new m2e-projects similar to STEPN would begin to appear, which would try to snatch their piece of the pie from this train of hype. Indeed, a lot of new products have come to the market, promising us a cooler application with a bunch of functions and ways to earn money. But did everyone make it?

In the article we talk about the sensational projects, how are they doing now, and whether have they coped with the tasks set.

Calo Run

Remember we talked about the Asian analogue of STEPN, which differs from it only in design? But as it turned out, it still held up very well and still holds up, unlike the original. And that’s why:

  • Asian community. If STEPN was played by people from all over the world and often newbies in the crypto, then with Calo Run everything is different. Only Asians hang out in it, they independently held the Calo Run market and helped the game stay afloat even with serious jumps in the cryptocurrency market ;
  • Burning The developers have made life easier for the players by allowing them to put their sneakers up for sale only for the FIT game token, which is earned for jogging. A very smart move. Thanks to this, FIT burned well and there was no oversaturation of coins among users, leading to a price decrease, as, for example, was the case with GST.
  • Goal for the futureCalo hasn’t even started yet! Players are looking forward to the transformation of the game into a metaverse, where they will have their own virtual pet, with which they can also earn money.

We can say with confidence that Calo Run is not dead and has become a worthy competitor to STEPN, although it is not so widespread around the world.

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But it wasn’t without problems. Unfortunately, the FIT token also could not resist the general market downturn and lost its price. However, it is not so critical, with a daily run in minimal crosses you can earn about $ 1.5, which means the return on investment in Calo Run +-month.

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The notorious move-to-earn project from Russian developers. At launch, it received a flurry of criticism due to the main face of the Kosenko project and the involvement of a huge number of foreign bloggers not related to the crypt. 

But it is worth noting that even without a lot of hype, Amazy was able to gain a good number of users who followed the project until its full release. And now, albeit belatedly, the release happened! And how did he get through?

Let’s start with the currency of the game. Amazy $AZY token went into decline two weeks after its listing. The price at the peak was $0.44, now it is $0.1

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However, this is a management token, we do not mine it in the game. In Amazy, we earn the $AMT token, which, by the way, has been holding at $0.5 for a month now.

Are these M2E games dead?-2That’s good, but what about the app? AMAZY: Blockchain Fitness Tracker has recently launched and has been downloaded over 10,000 times on Android. We can say that the launch was a success, there were no critical errors and bugs, as was the case with Walken.


The shoes are doing well too. With a mint price of 0.5 BNB, they are trading at a floor of 0.71BNB on the game’s marketplace.

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In general, Amazy is not dead, and the developers brought the matter to the release, which is already commendable. We’ll keep an eye on the app to see how long it can stay afloat. Amazy stood up to STEPN and Calo Run in a row of fully functional move-to-earn.

Step App

Even in our review article about the Step App, we said that everything is very vague and incomprehensible with the game. The third quarter of 2022 has already ended, and there is still no news about the launch.

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All interactions with the application now are only staking and generation of the FAT farm token, which has not yet been listed, and it is not known when it will happen. 

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Step App was disappointing. The project was very well presented and gave the opportunity to earn tokens before the start, but now, most likely, it has died. Since most users cannot access the page with the extraction of the FAT token. 


Today we looked at 3 of the most famous move-to-earn projects that were supposed to become real competitors to STEPN. So far, only Calo Run and Amazy have pleased, because. they really work and allow users to earn on physical activities.

Already now we can see their development prospects, so we are looking forward to new updates and hope that they will be able to compete with STEPN!

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