ASICS Release Special Shoes For Solana And STEPN Fans

  • ASICS launched a joint project with Solana and STEPN
  • This is a collection of sneakers with “embedded” NFTs
  • Buyers will win an airdrop of virtual sneakers for STEPN

The famous sportswear brand has partnered with Solana and STEPN. They released an exclusive collection of Asics X Solana UI. It includes regular physical sneakers in black and white. But each buyer will also receive NFTs.

The collection will go on sale on Tuesday. Buyers can pre-order now by paying 200 USDC via Solana Pay.

The ASICS NFT token, which comes with each customer, will open access to the brand’s bonus program. What benefits they provide is not yet known.

Additionally, partners will raffle off 1,001 exclusive NFTs for the STEPN blockchain game. Among them will be 850 everyday sneakers (Common), 150 unusual (Uncommon), and 1 rare (Rare).

Prior to this, ASICS released the ASICS Sunrise Red NFT collection. Its owners are also entitled to an airdrop – ASICS Badge Solana NFT tokens. You can claim them using the link on the official website.

Last week, STEPN introduced its own NFT marketplace MOOAR. He abandoned the familiar sales commission model. Users must sign up for a monthly subscription for $29.9, and then they can make any number of transactions. So the STEPN project is developing, despite the difficulties and forecasts of skeptics.

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