Axie Infinity. What’s New In The Game?

So far, Axie Infinity is #1 among NFT games because of its addictive gameplay and earning. It had a downturn due to the Ronin blockchain hack and the theft of $625 million in funds, but now we can see the resurgence of the popular game.

And all thanks to the new game version – Axie Infinity: Origin, which is more friendly to new players. Its development and full release are divided into 4 phases:

  • “Phase 1. Major Balance” – game patches for balance;
  • “Phase 2. Progression Reset” – reset all progress in the alpha version before a full release;
  • “Phase 3. Introduction of SLP rewards & NFT Runes/Charms” – you are here now. Adding $SLP token earning mechanic and launching Season 0;
  • “Phase 4. Global Launch. Season 1” is a full-fledged release of the game, the first official season.

In the article, we will analyze all the innovations and goodies in Axie Infinity: Origin at the time of Season 0.

What is Axis Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn card game built on the Ronin sidechain of the Ethereum blockchain by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. We collect a team of pets (Axi) in the game and participate in PVE or PVP battles. The battles occur in a 3v3 format, where we take turns setting up a combination of Aksik’s abilities and attacking the enemy. Full review on Axie Infinity; this is the Classic version of the game.

But what is Axie Infinity: Origin, the gameplay is the same game about fighting for our Axies, but it has key differences that make it more community-friendly. Namely:

  • Free pets. In the classic version, we first need to buy ourselves 3 Aksikov to start playing. In Origin, we are given 3 starting pets;
  • Earning $SLP. The internal token of the game is also a cryptocurrency. Regular earnings on Axie Infinity are built on it. Previously, there was a mechanic for obtaining this coin in Classic, but now it has been removed or transferred to the Origin version.
  • Guide for beginners. A trifle, but nice. The developers have added a guide that tells all new players in Axie Infinity how to play and earn.

How to start playing Axie Infinity Origin?

Registration in Axie Infinity is quite simple and takes 4 steps:

  1. Create a crypto wallet Ronin Wallet. It is required for all actions and transactions in the game. It can be installed as a browser extension or mobile app:
  2. Purchase of Aksikov. This step is only required for the Classic version; you can skip the Origin version.
  3. Creating an account on the Axie Infinity marketplace. In the first step, we created the Ronin Wallet, logged in through it and specified the mail and password. This will then be your game account.
  4. Final step: installing the application. The game is available on PC and mobile devices.

Important clarification: unfortunately, the mobile version is available on Android and only as an apk (installation file).

Ready! Your account and crypto wallet have been created, and you can start playing!

Axie Infinity: Origin Season 0 Innovations

We tell in detail about all the changes and new items that came to Axie Infinity: Origin along with Season 0:

  • $SLP Awards. As before, the $SLP token can only be obtained by winning ranked matches in the PVP arena. And the higher your rank, the more $SLP you can earn. Rewards start at rank Boar 1.

Important clarification: earlier $SLP withdrawal was available once every 14 days, now once every 7 days. Excellent news for all players!

Important clarification 2: PVP rewards are unavailable for players with free Aksiks.

  •   Leaderboard rewards. For all strong and active players in Axie Infinity, the most lucrative way to earn money is the leaderboard reward, which is outstanding in the game’s cryptocurrency $AXS. This coin is ten times more expensive than $SLP. And in Season 0, they changed the number of prizes from 10,000 to 20,000!

  •  Crafting changes. Crafting is a very cool feature in Axie Infinity; it allows you to craft helpful utility items like Rune and Charms. Season 0 added even more crafting recipes to the game, the mechanics of burning $SLP tokens (fee for crafting), and the ability to transfer crafted items like NFTs to the blockchain, allowing them to be traded on the marketplace!

  • Cosmetic buns. Also, an excellent innovation that will diversify and decorate your gameplay. Stickers!

Now is a cool time to enter Axie Infinity; new players can play and watch the gameplay for free. And those who want to earn money can enter the game with a small initial investment, about $20. Aksi is gaining its former form; many old players will return to it, and a new audience will enter!

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