BAYC Community Plans To Organize A Real Yacht Club

  • One of the major holders of BAYC tokens launches a new project
  • This is a real yacht club where NFT owners can rent a boat
  • Part of the proceeds from the initiative will go to charity

Melanion Capital CEO, yachtsman and owner of BAYC Collection NFT Jad Comair has announced a new project. This is a collection of tokens inspired by ” bored monkeys ” that will give owners access to renting real boats around the world.

The Bored Yachts Club collection is designed to turn BAYC holders into real yachtsmen. What can I say, the club definitely lacked a few sailboats for authenticity.

The idea belongs to one of the major token holders, Jad Comair. He also became the first participant of the new project. The businessman donated his yacht named Lady Amanda to him .

In fact, Komair wants to create a decentralized closed community for the owners of tokens from the new collection. Members of this club will have the opportunity to rent yachts around the world.

“I have no doubt that the future is with Web 3 and NFT. I have been looking for ways to incorporate this trend into my charter business. This was a kind of genesis of the idea. Yachting is a huge field of opportunities. And, in fact, you can incentivize visitors to earn, say, points, like coins on airlines, ” said Comair.

To pay for time on board, you will need a special currency earned by exchanging NFTs from the new collection. But they can also be transferred to any charitable foundation of the owner’s choice.

It is noteworthy that Comair does not plan to stop at the organization of the community. In the future, the businessman wants to create a whole metaverse designed to make yachting more accessible to a wide audience.

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