Bayer In The Metaverse

The virtual fashion market is developing rapidly, and we spend more time online. Therefore, the demand for NFT digital clothes is increasing, but most importantly, new future professions are emerging. 

In the modern world, there is a profession at the intersection of fashion, travel, and analytics – a buyer. This specialist is the first to know about fashion trends and is at the epicenter of fashion. The Metaverse is no exception. 

Shortly, we will face the fact that the number of designers represented in the virtual space will be huge. Multi-brand stores will appear, making it easier and more convenient for the user to view the collections of different designers. And it is the buyer in the metaverse who will deal with selecting the most popular designers and trends

Rarible Street with digital clothing stores in Decentraland

What skills should a buyer have? Bayer is a true expert in the fashion world. And above all, he must be free to navigate the fashion industry and trends and understand how to predict these trends. Also, the buyer needs to be able to assess the commercial success of the collection and understand the movement of demand and the needs of the target audience

In addition to purchasing new products for multi-brand stores, a buyer in the Metaverse can engage in individual shopping and act as a personal stylist. Since the buyer perfectly understands the trends and peculiarities of the market, he can offer the most relevant things to his customers. And absolutely everyone can be a client: from ordinary users who want to be in trend even in the virtual world to celebrities who perform at the next event in the metaverse. 

Ariana Grande concert at Fortnite 

Just the same, the number of virtual concerts and events to which real celebrities, or their avatars, are actively increasing. Some of the loudest were the concerts of Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. Accordingly, for a star to look irresistible, a specialist is needed who, from the whole variety of digital clothes, will find and purchase what will be the most relevant and which, perhaps, will bring profit to the owner when reselling NFT clothes. Another aspect of the profession comes from here – based on his understanding of the market, the buyer can advise which virtual clothes should be purchased in the investment paradigm as a profitable asset and which digital thing will not live up to expectations.


Therefore, there is no doubt that this profession will be in demand short, and it is worth studying the market laws and digitally immersing yourself now. Currently, specialized training for the profession of a buyer in the metaverse, but there is no doubt that the knowledge gained for a buyer in the physical world will be pretty relevant and helpful; it will only need to be adapted to a new market. 

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