Best NFT Games

Games in the NFT world

In recent months, the NFT-sphere has continued to increase. Now almost everyone has heard about non-fungible tokens. NFTs are mainly known in digital art and crypto arts; however, against the backdrop of the popularity of NFTs, there has also been a boom in decentralized games. Today we will talk about what it is and review the best NFT games.

NFT games are the same investment tool as any other currency or crypto art. Here, NFT-lovers acquire characters or game items, upgrade them, and earn by participating in the game itself, or sell it all after a while. In the case of NFT games, users can not only invest a lot of money by buying unique characters but also start earning without investment: create their character or tradable in-game items and develop them, gradually increasing the value on the market.

With the development of NFT gaming, many new NFT games have appeared, each of which has its format: from collecting characters to exploring new planets. Most of them belong to the Play-to-Earn direction, where you can earn real money by completing various levels. Next, we will analyze the top 3 most popular NFT games.

Axie Infinity

The most famous decentralized game is built on the blockchain. Here, players collect NFT pets called axis and use them to fight other NFT lovers. To start playing, you need to purchase three axis, and only then start pumping them, going through different quests, and giving them combat abilities. The NFT game is available on desktop and mobile versions: iPhone and Android.

Gods Unchained

This is an NFT card game. To start playing it, you just need to register. It is free and requires no investment. If you use a well-developed strategy and have pumped skills, you can win PVP matches and get experience points and additional cards here. A token backs each card; once you accumulate them, you can trade them on the NFT gaming market.

Battle Racers

NFT game where you can create your powerful cars. Players can use their knowledge and skills acquired during the game to create their unique car by combining different parts and adding the desired characteristics. In the future, your creation can be sold for cryptocurrency.

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