Can Adobe Succeed In The Metaverse?

Adobe’s Q2 earnings report was very compelling, but one segment caught some unexpected attention from crypto enthusiasts. Experts highlight the trend of the company’s revenue growth in the field of metaverses and beyond.

Not long ago, the company shared plans to create technologies for developers of the metaverses. This segment saw a significant increase in revenue, even though the company’s plans appeared only towards the end of the second quarter.

All segments that were indicated in the report saw positive results. For example, according to experts, Creative Cloud generated $2.6 billion in revenue and saw 12% growth, indicating constant updates and improvements. The company claims that the success of this particular data will affect plans related to the metaverse.

As part of this initiative, Adobe sees success in partnership with Mattel, Unity, and Meta Platforms. Each of these companies also has plans related to the metaverse, which is also a plus for Adobe.

Experts are confident that Adobe wants to overtake competitors in all segments presented in the report. For example, Document Cloud revenue grew 27% to $595 million. The closest competitor to this technology is DocuSign. And Document Cloud is already very close to DocuSign’s numbers. These figures hint that there is a strong possibility that Adobe will outperform the competition in matters of the metaverse as well.

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