Christie’s Auctions Its First Physical Artwork NFT

Major auction house Christie’s is selling its first NFT of a physical work of art. Painting PX4882E belongs to the Italian artist Skygolpe. The digital certificate and painting were sold for $69,300.

Skygolpe is a well-known artist in the NFT space and his work “characterizes his creative explorations to transcend the boundaries normally found between NFT, digital and physical art.”

Skygolpe’s work has been featured at Art Basel in Miami, the Museum of Digital Contemporary Art, the MOCO Museum in Amsterdam, the Museo Della Permanente in Milan, and the Decentral Pavilion in Venice.

The artist and auction house Christie’s believe selling NFTs is a new method that could pave the way for a radical change in the mentality and behavior of future artists and collectors. 

Back in 2021, the NFT space successfully broke into the auction houses. Many houses held record multi-million dollar auctions for digital artists. But already in 2022, sales decreased by 50%. 

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