Creating Your Own NFT Collection: Building A Team

We continue our series of articles on how to create an nft collection. The last article reviewed the steps for creating an NFT collection. It’s time to discuss how to assemble a team to implement the project. For alone, creating and promoting a collection from scratch is a complicated task. A good team will allow you to implement your idea efficiently and effectively.

Your team can consist of three or 20 or more specialists. But, as a rule, small teams of 3-4 people are created at the first launch of the project. Such a structure does not require significant financial expenses and allows you to effectively organize communication within the team.

However, as your project grows, you may need additional people to either take on new roles or take over some of the responsibilities of the current team.

We will consider the basic structure of the team – specialists, without whom it will hardly be possible to launch a successful NFT project.



Founder is the founder, leader, and ideological inspirer of the project. Most often, the founder is also the leading investor. The founder is responsible for how the idea of ​​the project will be implemented. His task is to assemble a team and organize the work process.


An artist is a specialist responsible for the visual component. It depends on him how accurately and efficiently the crypto art of your project will be implemented.

In addition to drawing the collection, it is vital to work out the brand design – logo, font, social media banners, etc. A separate specialist is best suited for this task – a graphic designer. But at the initial stage, the artist can also perform this function.

You can find artists and designers on the Behance and Dribbble platforms.

NFT Team 2


To create an NFT collection, you will need a blockchain developer. It depends on this person how well your project will be technically implemented.

Before looking for a developer, you must decide on which blockchain your collection will be implemented. This is important because developing projects on different blockchains requires developers to have different skills.

When choosing a developer, it is advisable to rely on reviews about him from other customers. You can view reviews on resources such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and LinkedIn.

Also, you may need a website with a detailed project description to attract an audience. You must involve a web developer and a web designer to create a website.

Community Specialist

The main task of a community specialist is to create an active community around your project. And the leading platform for audience engagement is Discord. Accordingly, you need to find a discord specialist and a discord moderator.

A discord specialist is responsible for the technical implementation of your discord channel.

The Discord Moderator is responsible for community engagement and activity. He also helps to build interaction within the community and provides support.

Also, as the project develops, you may need an event manager. This specialist organizes events, creates additional activities for your community, and attracts a new audience.


At different stages of the project’s development, the marketer is responsible for many different tasks aimed at promoting the project: creating a strategy for entering the market and promoting social. Networks to finding influencers, organizing airdrops, and more.


Now you know that creating a collection of nft is not for one, but a whole team of different specialists. However, in the initial stages, one specialist can take on several roles. And as the project develops, you can expand the team.

For example, many teams have multiple marketers. And this is because the project promotion strategy includes a vast pool of various tasks. And if you want not to make a mistake when choosing a marketer, or if you want to promote the project yourself, then you need to understand the strategy and principles of promoting NFT projects. And it is to this topic that our next article will be devoted.

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