Decentraland And The Sandbox Deny Shrinking Online

  • DappRadar published online statistics of popular sandboxes
  • In Decentraland, the daily number of users was 38 “users,” in The Sandbox – 522
  • These data are very different from the official ones, which caused criticism from the sites.

On Friday, October 7, the DappRadar portal published a report that announced a decrease in users on the Decentraland and The Sandbox platforms. Both platforms refute this.

Dapp Radar Data

First, we note that the portal determines online based on information about the interaction of wallet addresses with the smart contract of the metaverse. That is, the transaction using SAND or MANA is fixed as an active user.

During the day, from October 6 to October 7, Decentraland online accounted for 38 ” users “, The Sandbox – 522. This is without taking into account those addresses that did not make transactions.

At the same time, the maximum number of online in Decentraland was 675 ” users, “and in The Sandbox – 4503. As you can see, the number of active users, albeit conditional, has significantly decreased.

Response Sites

Both resources reacted with criticism to the report of the portal. For example, a Decentraland representative called DappRadar data inaccurately suggested using DCL Metrics analytics.

Indeed, in this case, the statistics will be more voluminous. DCL Metrics uses a unique tool to track the number of users who first logged in and then left a particular site.

Why was DappRadar criticized?

The fact is that the official data of the resources and the conclusions of the portal are very different. So, according to Decentraland, monthly online on the platform has exceeded 56 thousand users.

At the same time, DappRadat statistics show that these figures can be significantly inflated. This state of affairs is unfavorable for the platform owners since the situation hurts their image. However, user criticism does not appear from scratch. Online has fallen, public interest has faded, and some developers even have to force their employees to enter unnecessary sandboxes.

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