Digital Artists Relinquish Rights To Their NFT Works

The Moonbirds project has become one of the most famous this year, recording $500 million in sales. Recently it became known that the team behind the project’s development decided to release their work into the public domain using the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

NFTs have been a controversial topic when it comes to copyright. For some, this is a work of art that should be protected by copyright; for others, it’s just filed. 

Recently, there has been an increase in cases of copyright infringement of well-known digital artists in the NFT creative space. Copyright in the NFT environment has again become a subject of controversy, and many influential NFT artists have decided to put an end to this. 

In addition, Proof, the collective behind Moonbirds, will release their other collection, Oddities, into the public domain. 

This means that anyone can freely use, remake, and commercialize the works. 

The news was shared on Twitter by Proof co-founder Kevin Rose. He called his decision revolutionary, adding that many in space decided to follow his example. 

XCOPY has announced that all of its old NFT work will be licensed under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. The artist’s works are distinguished by their ironic drawings. “Right Click, Save As Guy” was sold for $7.1 million last year.

Many artists choose to go with Creative Commons Zero because they want to bring creativity back into the community. Recently, copyright has become a solid restrictive force that stifles creativity rather than encouraging it. But perhaps this is another way to increase the author’s recognition of the content or his work. 

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