Digital Fashion Training. Where And How To Master The Profession Of The Future

We have already discussed Digital Fashion, how digital clothing is created, its use, and which brands have already launched their virtual lines.

And today we will talk about where to get the necessary skills to create your own virtual clothes, saving your time and nerves. 

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Suppose you think that you are far from the fashion world and have no idea about the production of physical clothing. Suppose you haven’t graduated from art school if you have never worked in computer programs more complicated than Word and Excel. And now you think that digital fashion is not for you. Forget it. Everything is much easier than you think. The main thing is your desire to become a part of digital fashion. 

Even though the digital fashion market has been developing since 2010, digital fashion education has appeared only recently. The areas of application of digital clothing are expanding, global brands are looking towards creating virtual lines, and the demand for specialists who will make these virtual things is growing accordingly.

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I also note that now is perfect for creating your digital brand. In the physical clothing industry, you will face a substantial initial investment to create your first collection and keep pouring in money to advertise, store and sell it. You only need your skills and a powerful computer for a digital brand. All. And the competition for consumer attention is now minimal. Therefore, this is your chance to express yourself. 

So, where do you get these necessary skills? In the Russian-speaking space, there is catastrophically little standing education. As well as in English. You can take the long and difficult path of learning 3D modeling on your own from YouTube videos. It will take you at least 8 months, and it will be much more challenging to take the desired place in the niche. 

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Or you can trust professionals, current designers with extensive experience in the market, who will share with you all the necessary knowledge in a short time, put it on the shelves and guide you to the result. 

The Digital Fashion course from our partners Alkali team is the only training in the Russian Federation that will allow you to quickly and effectively learn how to create your digital clothes. Verified by personal experience! I myself went through this training in the first stream, and I know what I’m talking about. 

The course will also teach how to create custom avatars, animation, and graphics optimization. If you are worried that you do not have special software knowledge, do not. On the course, you will learn everything from scratch. 

In the Clo3D program, you will learn how to 3D-model clothing and its animation. And the Blender tutorial will allow you to create breathtaking environments and visualizations for your collection. Imagine you will start creating your first works from the first lesson! 

The training starts on November 1 and will last for 2 months. This is the optimal time to master all the necessary skills and comfortably combine the course with the main activity. All classes are held in real-time. 2 times a week, you meet with the teacher on the online platform, and you can ask all your questions in real-time.

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