Dimension X Launches Metaverse Developer Platform

Dimension X recently closed a $600,000 preliminary round of funding and announced the creation of a platform for metaverse developers. A distinctive feature of the new platform will be its ease of use and accessibility. 

The funding round was led by Startup Ignition Ventures, whose representative shared that the strategy of the future platform is ideally suited to the emerging metaverse market. 

Dimension X emphasized that the emergence of the metaverse opens up great opportunities for improving the methods of education, design, simulation, entertainment and marketing:

“However, today, it is still too difficult to create an immersive experience. We’re making this process much easier, just like WordPress did for website building, Figma for interface design, and Unity for game development. Dimension X is revolutionizing the creation of immersive experiences and making them accessible to millions of new metaverse developers.”

The platform developed by Dimension X is based on a simple and functional interface. Developers can create immersive experiences with a couple of mouse clicks. 

“In addition, developers will be able to significantly increase the efficiency of using our APIs to push the boundaries of the immersive experience in new and unimaginable ways,” Dimension X shared.

The approach taken on the platform can significantly speed up learning through increased engagement, repetition, and focused learning. 

In addition to the developer platform, Dimension X plans to employ a world-class team of developers and designers and create simulation software for the Christa McAuliffe Space Center and Telos University. 

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