Disney Seeks Legal Adviser On Emerging Technologies And NFTs

Disney continues to expand its reach in the NFT space. According to a Sept. 23 announcement on Disney’s website, the company is looking for a corporate, technology, and NFT lawyer.

Specifically, the company is looking for someone who will provide “legal advice and support throughout the development and sale of NFT products” and ensure they comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the United States and internationally.

Responsibilities include NFT projects, blockchain, third-party marketplaces, and cloud providers’ due diligence. The lawyer will be required to regularly advise employees on issues related to cryptocurrencies and digital currency.

Disney is gradually starting to surround itself with a new space of cryptocurrencies, metaverses and NFTs. The appearance of a vacancy for a legal consultant in this area was only a matter of time. 

Last year, CEO Bob Chapek said that Disney was preparing to combine physical and digital assets in the metaverse. And a little later, Disney filed for a patent for a “virtual world simulator,” referring to a potential theme park metaverse. 

Disney’s possible entry into the metaverse could include using mobile phones by theme park visitors to create and project 3D images onto physical spaces such as walls and other objects. These rumors were the only ones that supported these plans. Now, with the advent of vacancies, the situation may change. 

Disney has been focusing on AR, AI, and NFT this year through the Disney Accelerator Program. Six selected companies will develop Disney in these areas. These companies include blockchain provider Polygon, web3 app Flickplay, and Lockerverse, a Web3 story platform.

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