El Clasico Will Take Place In The Metaverse

It was revealed earlier that two football clubs in Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​have filed a joint application for a Metaverse-related trademark. Now, the clubs have said that El Clasico, the match between Real Madrid and Catalan Barcelona, ​​will take place in the virtual space.

Both clubs are ready to offer fans a new level of interaction with their favorite teams and players. They will be able to enjoy various games in the metaverse and become spectators of virtual matches. Accordingly, it will be possible to purchase tickets for such a match and merch for cryptocurrency.

Despite the loud confrontation on the field, both clubs understand the importance of cooperation in a new space for themselves. For their fans, they have prepared many interactive and not only changes.

Consideration of the joint application is successful, and the specialists with whom the clubs cooperate are fully developing the digital space and the cryptocurrency wallet.

Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, and Joan Laporta, president of Barça, unanimously declare that going beyond the natural world and entering the virtual world is essential in developing two opposing teams.

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