ESPN x Autograph Unveil Men in the Arena: Tom Brady NFT Collection

Huge news came out of sports today with the release of “Man in the Arena: Tom Brady NFT Collection” NFT platform co-founded by football icon Tom Brady after ESPN and Autograph signed a multi-year deal. Kick off the NFT Collection, based on the 10-episode documentary series “The Man in the Arena,” detailing the highs and lows of Tom Brady’s infamous career.

Tom Brady’s NFT series

The Tom Brady NFT series includes three ESPN magazine covers depicting Brady’s accomplishments during his time in the NFL. Additionally, the group’s 50 NFTs will contain Tom Brady’s signature, significantly increasing their value. However, buyers must go through Draft Kings, the series’ exclusive marketplace.

“This unique series around Tom’s ‘Man in the Arena’ documentary series marks our relationship with ESPN. As ESPN’s first NFT partner, the possibilities in sports and technology are endless. We are very excited about the way we bring this content to the world.” – Dillon Rosenblatt, co-founder and CEO of Autograph

Additionally, the second series will be released in tandem with their tenth episode series on ESPN+. The new partnership between ESPN and Autograph symbolizes the rise and acceptance of NFTs in the sports industry. While the popularity surrounding the NFT space continues to evolve, growth within the sports space is sure to come. Tom Brady’s new NFT effort has proven to be a major milestone in digital asset sports.

“ESPN is excited to offer our first NFT to meet our fans at the intersection of sports, technology and content. Our partnership with ESPN Edge has brought us where we are today, exploring new, innovative ways to engage fans We are excited to partner with Autograph on collectibles and other products in the future. – Kevin Lopes, ESPN VP of Sports Business Development and Innovation

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