Ford Dives Into The Metaverse And Files 19 Crypto Trademarks

  • Ford car company is interested in metaverses
  • The manufacturer has applied for 19 cryptocurrency-related trademarks
  • Virtual cars, trucks, clothes, and other goods will be used in the form of NFTs

One of the largest automakers in the world has turned its attention to the metaverses. Ford has taken the first serious step towards conquering virtual space.

According to Mark Kondoudis, USPTO trademark attorney, the automaker filed 19 applications for registration of products related to cryptography at once. These are names that are directly related to popular Ford brands.

The multinational company intends to use the mentioned trademarks as NFTs and branded products for the metaverses. Registered names include F-150 Lightning, Mustang, Mach-E, Bronco, Transit, etc.

Of course, a special online store will appear for all this business, where NFTs will be sold.

These steps indicate that Ford is starting its journey into the web3 space. The shifts are taking place against the background of the growing interest of large companies in next-generation projects related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Earlier, we wrote that the number of registered trademarks for NFT and Metaverse over the past months of 2022 exceeded the same period last year.

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