Fortnite Creator Invests In Metaverse Provider

British Metaverse Infrastructure Startup Hadean Raises $30M From Investors, Including Epic Games.

The developer of the iconic video game Fortnite, Epic Games, has invested in the British metaverse infrastructure startup Hadean. TechCrunch writes about this concerning representatives of the startup.

Epic Games is reportedly backing a $30 million investment round with Tencent. Hadean helps developers scale their codebase to support computing-intensive software at its core.

In a media commentary, Hadean CEO Craig Beddis said that with the help of the investment, the company plans to create a framework for scaling the metaverse. Today’s virtual worlds present a limited experience. This is precisely the problem Hadean wants to solve.

In November 2021, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney stated that the next three years would be essential for all companies building metaverses. He added that the metaverse technology could become a multi-trillion dollar part of the global economy in the next decade. Moreover, Sweeney does not think access to the metaverses will require only special equipment, such as augmented or virtual reality glasses.

Meanwhile, Intel’s senior vice president of architecture, graphics, and software, Raja Koduri, has doubts. That a worthwhile metaverse will emerge any time soon. According to him, to implement the concept, it is necessary to increase the computing power of computers a thousand times. Current performance is simply “not enough to realize this vision,” Koduri said. However, he acknowledged that the metaverse could be the next prominent computing architecture after the Internet. 

Almost 60% of visitors to the metaverses do not see the point in digital purchases – read in the BeInCrypto editorial material.

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