Frida Kahlo’s NFTs Have Been Released In The Metaverse

Paintings, artifacts, and digitized family photographs of world-famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo have been transformed into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and released into the metaverse. The artist’s family has integrated memorabilia related to her life into the virtual world. The content appeared on the Decentraland platform during the third annual Metaverse Art Week.

Visitors were able to find themselves inside a complete digital copy of Frida Kahlo’s “Red House” – a virtual version of the real housing owned by the Kahlo family in Mexico City (Mexico). Each room illustrated little-known facts from the artist’s life before her relationship with colleague Diego Rivera.

Approximately 800 different objects appeared at the exhibition, including sketches, original works of art, and other artifacts that Kahlo used in her daily life. Each piece of content has been scanned at high resolution.

Luke MacFarlane, co-founder of the firm Ezel responsible for Kahlo’s archival materials, assured that the first 20 years of Frida’s life are represented in the Metaverse. They tell about her problems and hardships, as well as the desire and passion for life. This is a story about polio, a major bus accident, and other incidents that Kahlo experienced.

Pedro Quinzanos Cansino, a friend of the Kalo family, assured us that blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are ideal for immortalizing famous people and introducing artists and ordinary collectors to the digital world. This innovation made it possible to record the real history of the family and convey it without embellishment by the media or third parties.

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