Honda In The Metaverse

In 2019, Honda became the first automotive brand to launch its own Twitch channel. Earlier this year, the brand launched the Honda DreamLab on Twitch. And this summer, the automaker used the platform to draw people into its Hondaverse metaverse.

The Hondaverse was launched alongside the Honda Parkour world, built around the 2023 Honda HR-V. Streamers and players can test their abilities.

The launch took place in three episodes of a live broadcast on Twitch. First, Influencer SypherPK introduced the Hondaverse to fans and built an exclusive Honda VIP Lounge in the world based on feedback from the Twitch community, which can be unlocked by earning points. Second, SypherPK tried to win the Honda Parkour race and challenged its community with the Honda Trivia. Third, Twitch creators and fans played against SypherPK to win prizes.

“Having the launch of the Hondaverse in three episodes gave us more than we bargained for. We released it ahead of time, got feedback, and then released another episode in which we invited people to play the game,” shared Honda.

In other words, by helping create the Hondaverse, players have become investors in the metaverse. Each of the episodes added value to the launch of the Honda metaverse.

Honda, with its unusual initiative, has attracted the target audience it needs, who are now buying Civic and HR-V:

“We show these cars because they are aimed at young drivers and new buyers. We have a good reason to be on Twitch”

Hondaverse is built for the long term:

“This has been a fantastic way for us to connect with gamers on Twitch and the metaverse, but now we can expand it to other Twitch audiences that are interested in music, sports, or gaming. All of them are connected to each other on Twitch and we can transfer this to the Hondaverse. That’s the beauty of long-term planning with the launch of the Hondaverse,” concludes Honda.

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