How Much Can You Earn In STEPN?

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The bear market reigns, the index of fear and greed rolls over; the GST token falls lower and lower. However, experienced STEPN users do not despair. We continue to farm GST and wait for the introduction of the GMT earning mechanic. But how much does STEPN bring in?

The fact is that the application has many different strategies that can lead to other earnings. Therefore, it is impossible to give a definite answer. But today, we will look at several opportunities for players.

All calculations will be made in the Solana network. If you wish, you can calculate earnings in any other network similarly. We remind you that the only significant difference between the STEPN blockchains is the GST token rate. And then, on Solana and BNB, it practically does not differ. As of this writing 1 GST = $0.03339 (SOL) = $0.03497 (BNB) = $0.1769 (ETH). Here we give the GMT rate – $0.6537 and SOL – $32.23.

So, let’s move on to the three main strategies for earning money, designating them with the common name MMM – minimum wage, mint, mystery boxing.

Minimum Wage

The easiest way to make money. Such a player has 1 common-class sneaker, and that’s it. Such joggers will bring from 10 (at level 9) to 16 GST (at level 28) per day.

But remember that the higher the level of sneakers, the more your investment will be. Let’s take something in between – level 19 joggers with efficiency > 5 and the sum of the attributes of efficiency and comfort > 12.

They will bring you somewhere around 13 GST per day. The current exchange rate equals a little less than half of one dollar. This, unfortunately, is not enough even for travel. But why do you need this transport if we are all here for a healthy lifestyle?

And once, everything was different. The GST rate hovered around $4 and above from early April to mid-May. That is, the daily earnings were more than $50. It is worth noting that the price of sneakers has since fallen by slightly more than 10 times, and earnings have decreased by 100 times or more.


This strategy involves looping the sneaker mint. In other words, you buy two pairs and cross them. Then you cross the resulting one with the one you bought at the beginning. As soon as a sneaker with two mints appears on your farm, you sell it.

The initial capital for a mint (with the purchase of sneakers) is about $180. Let’s call running shoe A, mint shoe B, each new shoe corresponding to the following letter of the alphabet. The number after the letter is the number of crossovers of the sneakers.

In this case, the crossover scheme is as follows:


As a result of the mint, we get 3 pairs of sneakers: 11, and 0.

Next minute: 0

As a result of the mint, we get 3 pairs of sneakers: 21, and G 0.

Now we can sell B2 sneakers with two mints since the following mint of this pair will cost us more. Here it is vital to selling sneakers for more than it was spent per minute ($40 or 1.24 SOL) at a constant exchange rate. Also, remember that STEPN charges a 6% commission on the sale of sneakers. But since the floor is 1.12 SOL, you will have to try hard to sell them, which makes the mint not very profitable in the current conditions.

Then you can loop the circuit by putting your mint on the conveyor.

u003d D → → B for sale, G and D we cross, etc.

Minting has a 3% chance of dropping Unusual Sneakers (a higher rarity) that start at $130, much more than what you’d spend on a mint.

It is worth noting that the mint recouped investments in a couple of weeks in the spring, and the income was about $350 per day. Of course, this figure has decreased and is still slipping with the fall of tokens.

Mystery Boxing

The strategy is to boost the luck attribute to get higher-level loot boxes. Earnings are generated by selling gems and scrolls that come across in treasured chests.

Here, the most challenging thing is to give specific numbers and calculate the so-called STEPN yield because mystery boxes are fickle and mysterious; that’s why they are “mysteries”. But at least this strategy is the most interesting.

We can say that earnings here depend not only on the attribute of luck but also on the amount of energy. That is, with 2 units. You will not earn energy on the boxes, even if you pump your luck to the maximum. For this strategy, you need 4, and even better, 9 units. Energy.

In this diagram, you can see what kind of chests fall out depending on the amount of your energy and the luck attribute of the sneakers.

stepn mystery box

With pumped luck by 9 units. Energy, you will almost always fall green boxes. And if you walk at the junction of the energy accrual time, turn your 9 teams. At 11.25, then even blue ones can come across. You can read more about this in the article on STEPN energy.

So what about earnings, you ask? Green boxes almost always produce tier 1 gems, with a 20% chance of getting a tier 2 gem. Then you can sell them on the market (the average floor for treasures is 0.024 SOL) or cross them. 

Instead of total

At current rates, you won’t be able to earn much in STEPN unless you have a huge sneaker farm in several worlds and don’t use all possible game mechanics simultaneously. But in this case, your investments were most likely very significant.

However, do not forget that STEPN brought an excellent income in the spring, and users quickly recouped investments. And it is likely that with the advent of the bull market, the game will begin to conquer new heights, and walking will again bring you more substantial earnings. Therefore, we enjoy the available mechanics and continue to believe in the project.

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