How To Create A Digital Clothing Brand. Part 1

Have you ever dreamed of being part of the fashion world? Create your clothing brand. Wanted to be not just a consumer, but a creator, a trendsetter? 

Launching your physical clothing brand is far from an easy task. And most likely, your lofty dreams were faced with a vast number of nuances, technical challenges, and massive investments at the start. At first glance, assessing all the risks and difficulties is challenging. Indeed, even after the brand’s launch, many problems are not solved once and for all. There are failures with the purchase of materials, suppliers, and sales. There are not enough ideas/funds for a creative presentation of the new lookbook. And finally, the warehouse is overflowing with the remains of unsold collections. 

I have listed many difficulties a novice entrepreneur in the fashion business may face. However, even they make you think a hundred times before you start building a brand. 

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about creating a digital clothing brand. Without the benefits, goals, and essential rules, a successful launch will not be possible. 

This article will be helpful for those who have doubts about creating their clothing brand but have already heard something about digital fashion and, of course, for those who are already starting their journey in the development of virtual clothing

Cost Comparison  

As you may have noticed, a physical clothing brand involves high costs and a streamlined process chain. So if you are still burning with the idea of ​​someday releasing real clothes, start with a brand of virtual things. 

Starting your brand digital is much easier. Initial costs are minimal. If you do not know how to design 3D clothes, but want to do it yourself, then you will need to invest your time and money in learning a new profession. You must master the digital design software, develop the eye to create trendy clothes, and spend enough time creating your first digital collection

And by and large – these are all the main costs. 

After all, you do not have to spend money on materials, transportation, design, tailoring, filming for promotion, or renting premises for an offline store. The collection will exist in virtual reality, and no costs other than temporary will be needed. By the way, most of the programs where virtual clothes are developed are free. 

If you are not ready to spend time digging into programs, you can outsource experienced digital clothing designers. Limit yourself to one designer or hire specialists in different areas, distributing the load and tasks. 

So, a team can be assembled from a virtual clothing designer, a visualizer who will place your collection in a particular environment for a beautiful presentation, an SMM specialist who will manage your brand’s social networks, and an experienced PR specialist. 

You may need this only after a while when the brand grows, and most of the work will need to be delegated. And at the first stages, you can successfully cope in tandem with a digital designer. 

Resource Saving

Digital fashion dramatically saves time and physical resources (water, fabrics, paper). Therefore, it is one of the ways to make fashion sustainable. 

If, in the physical business, after the collection release, not all models were sold and accumulated in warehouses, then this can be ruled out in the digital world. Having created a digital collection, you can immediately collect pre-orders and understand which models are successful and which are not. These methods can also be applied in a physical clothing brand, thus optimizing processes. 

Therefore, you can not only create your clothing line but also visualize in 3D the collections of other brands.


Limitless Possibilities

Apart from minimal costs, one of the most compelling benefits of a digital brand is the limitless possibilities

Everything you once thought up, but did not imagine how it could be implemented in life, is feasible in the virtual world. Just imagine dresses in flames, sharp ice floes, futuristic bows, or dimensionless puffy suits. 

Virtual clothing is pure art

And besides it, you can create your virtual world. For example, thanks to the Unity game engine, you can put a collection in your augmented reality, even without programming, and create an incredible lookbook or campaign that would be impossible to implement in the physical world or would cost a tremendous amount of money. 

In the next part of the article How to create your digital clothing brand, we will talk about the main areas of business in digital fashion. Most importantly, we will answer the main questions without which it is impossible to create your brand.

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