How To Promote Your NFT

NFT promotion

To promote your creativity, even on a free basis, there are several important steps that most creatives will have to go through. Now let’s talk about how to advance in crypto art as a beginner, to increase sales of tokens. We will also discuss other ways and formats of promotion that will work for sure.

I have to declare myself

Authors in crypto art are conditionally divided into “secret personalities” and vice versa, those who do not hide their faces, not being afraid of the public. Of course, it is better for a beginner to choose exactly the second option, because the development of a “secret identity” is more complex and requires very creative solutions in each work.

Yes, and the internal introvert will have to be forgotten and remembered about friends and acquaintances. Before publishing NFTs on marketplaces, it would not be superfluous to talk about your work on social networks, among friends, and even in the status of Vkontakte. It may seem to you that this is an insanely terrible idea and everyone who subscribes to you will be shocked … But, but most likely, it will turn out that no one will be outraged. And moreover, they will start thinking about you in a good way.

Maintain social networks

Twitter and Discord are the main NFT community where you can find the right audience for your paintings. What to post there? Write posts in the community and talk about your future collection or how it is being created. And other details that only a subscriber can know about your future tokens.

What information will it be advantageous to post on social networks: the cost of paintings, rarity, the platform where you will publish, and even the dates of the drops? All this will spur you to subscribe to your accounts.

In your publics, you can arrange a promotion, challenges, and sweepstakes. It will definitely draw attention to your collection. And some of the subscribers will be interested in the topic of your tokens and will want to purchase them.

You can also test Instagram, TikTok, or Telegram – any of these social networks can help you specifically in promoting NFT.

Contact bloggers and media

You can reach out to popular influencers to review their YouTube channel. Or you can write to one of the crypto communities. Reviews can be both free and paid. Usually, one or more tokens from your collection are taken as payment.

Find investors or a PR -man

This option is more efficient. It’s easier to start with it if you don’t have experience in developing social networks. Investors or producers are ready to invest in a creative artist, but it is important to formalize your relationship with a lawyer so that if there is no interest in your crypto art, you will not be left with large sums of money. Here you can find out all about the promotion opportunities for NFT artists.

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