Kraft Heinz Uses Metaverse To Solve Supply Chain Problem

Food and beverage giant Kraft Heinz plans to use the metaverse to solve supply chain problems. The initiative involves the rapid delivery of products from the Lunchables, Velveeta, and ketchup lines to store shelves and, in turn, customers’ hands. To accomplish this, Kraft Heinz has teamed up with Microsoft to use its cloud platform to replicate its products virtually.

“We are committed to supporting our customers in the industrial metaverse. This means that Kraft Heinz will be able to get its products to consumers faster,” Lorraine Bardeen, CTO of Microsoft Industry Solutions, told CNN.

Representatives of Kraft Heinz, in turn, hastened to explain how they work with the metaverse will be carried out. As it turned out, some of its products were “locked” in the logistics system during the lockdown. To combat this, the company created a “digital twin” model of its supply chain in the metaverse, which would allow the company’s problems to be solved digitally. Therefore, this system will help avoid similar problems in the future. In addition, it will be able to automate and speed up the process in conditions of increased demand.

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The digital twins will allow the company to “map the entire production to see the best route.” One Kraft Heinz plant, for example, produces a range of products, from ketchup to vinegar and more. Thus, the virtual display of the production facility will allow the company to identify any shortcomings better.

But most importantly, this initiative will help the company anticipate mistakes in advance. So Kraft Heinz is another excellent example of what the metaverses have to offer people beyond games and NFTs.

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