Logan Paul Announces ‘Liquid Marketplace’ For Fractionalized NFT Art

Famous Youtuber and social media personality Logan Paul just announced his ‘Liquid Marketplace’ for fractionalized NFT art. In a tweet, Paul said, ” By fractionalizing expensive assets, we’ve essentially made it possible for ANYONE to own ANYTHING.”

About Logan Paul’s NFT Marketplace
According to Paul, the platform lets collectors have access and co-own the rarest items in the world. Liquid Marketplace addresses the great divide between collectors through fractional ownership. Basically, it allows die-hard fans to own a unique and legendary item without being priced out.

On its official website, the NFT marketplace said it’s a home for high-value collectibles. It also gives access to anyone interested in building their collection. Through the platform, collectors can make once-in-a-lifetime finds and own a piece of history. Additionally, they can buy, sell, and trade their way to the ultimate NFT collection.

How the Liquid Marketplace Works
First, the platform evaluates, authenticates, and appraises the collectibles. Then it stores the items in a secure physical vault. After that, the tokens are listed at $0.10USD each on the platform’s offerings page. Then collectors can buy the tokens on a first-come, first-serve basis and be partial owners of the item.

Finally, after the offering sells out, these collectibles will be available to the platform’s secondary market. Collectors can then trade the NFTs on our real-time exchange.

Among the rarest collectibles on the platform that you can co-own are a PSA 8 Pikachu Illustrator worth $1.1M, Logan Paul’s 1st Edition Pokémon Box ($378k), and a CryptoPunk #6837 ($250k).

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