M2E Game DEFY Review

Want to play Watchdogs in real life? New move-to-earn game DEFY for you!

What is DEFY?

DEFY is a mobile move-to-earn game where you take on the role of a hacker and hack various devices. The game is built on the Polygon blockchain and includes augmented reality (AR) technology, which makes the game even more immersive. There are only 2 tokens in DEFY: $FCOIN (in-game currency) and $DEFY (Management currency).

The NFT in the game is Private Mask. This is similar to the usual NFT sneakers in M2E, i.e., without them, we will not be able to start playing and earn in the game.

DEFY how to start playing?

As we said earlier, we need at least one NFT mask to play DEFY. At the time of writing, the cheapest one costs 0.1 ETH

After purchasing the mask, we must verify our wallet on the game’s discord server. And then, in the #alpha-updates channel, you can find a link to download the current version of the game.

Necessary clarification: Free masks will be available to all players when the game is in beta testing.

The app has been downloaded and installed. Now we have access to registration in the game (Sign In).

We registered and chose a nickname. It remains to connect your wallet with a virtual NFT mask.

Ready! Your account has been created, and the wallet is linked. You can start playing!

Necessary clarification: DEFY is currently in alpha testing.


DEFY is a game with very addictive and unique gameplay with puzzles and exciting mechanics, filled with various NFT items. In this section, we will tell you what NFTs exist and are planned in the game: 1) Virtual Private Mask (VPM) is an NFT mask all players need to start the game. There will be 2 classes of masks in total:


  • Universal mask. Free for all players. It was created so everyone can play DEFY, even if they do not have the funds to buy a premium mask.
  • Premium mask. Purchase mask. It can be obtained from the premium starter pack in the game. It has many advantages over the universal one, namely, the ability to improve and pump the mask and create a new one by “mint.”

At the beginning of the game, everyone will have masks. However, in the future, players will be able to develop their avatar by leveling up and purchasing NFTs in the game:

  • Mask improvements;
  • Full body suits;
  • Aesthetic objects and music.

And teams will be able to create uniforms and unique items for team avatars.

2) LAND – Land plots in DEFY. The real-world map is divided into a hexagonal grid of land that can be purchased for $DEFY. The land owner will receive a passive commission for any $FCOIN earned within the boundaries of his land. Users have full ownership of their plots, which means they can customize them by adding various virtual buildings that will be visible to other players in AR mode.

The value of land will increase as player interaction grows in the area. LAND can be sold on the marketplace.

3) Drones  – Players will be able to collect components to craft their own drone by defeating the game drone. Drones can be sent to places with wallets to steal FCOIN. Drones will have their characteristics, which can be upgraded as you progress through the game.

Also, on your lot, you can buy and build a virtual hangar for your drone, which will be displayed in the virtual space on your lot in AR mode for all players.

4) Custom NFTs – Users can create and sell NFT assets in the game, including mask upgrades, drone skins, augmented reality hangar items, and virtual assets for land owners.

DEFY how to earn?

There are 2 tokens in the DEFY game: $FCOIN and $DEFY. And our earnings consist of exchanging $FCOIN earned in the game for $DEFY. There are several ways to earn $FCOIN in the game:

  • Tower Hack. Cool game mechanics. Earnings from hacking depend on the difficulty level of the tower. Initially, we need to use our masks to scan the area and detect the tower;

Next, to hack the tower, we will have to solve a puzzle with numbers (find the desired sequence):

  • Wallet theft. Wallets can be scattered around the towers. And they are visible to all players nearby, so it is essential to act quickly! After the theft, you need to decrypt them and make a profit.

Important clarification: with the introduction of AR, battles and “player threats” will be added to the game, which will allow you to earn more, as well as interfere with other players!

The game will not allow you to earn money all the time, so the energy of the Mask is a limitation in the game. Each mask has 100 energy and restores 1 energy per 1 minute.

What energy is spent on:

  • Search for nearby towers: 5 energies
  • Tower hack: 10 energy
  • Wallet theft: 10 energy
  • Wallet decryption: 5 energies

I am thrilled that such games as DEFY appear, with high-quality gameplay and many interesting earning mechanics. The project’s audience is constantly growing and helps developers develop the application. We hope that by the time the game is fully released, DEFY will gain popularity and be able to compete with other P2E games!

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