Metaverse Mobox Review

In today’s article, we will talk about the Mobox GameFi platform which focuses on trading and farming.

What is Mobox?

Mobox is Play-to-Earn metaverse that is a gamified earning platform built on Binance Smart Chain. The platform is operated by users who receive rewards for various gaming activities. The game uses the $MBOX token.

In Mobox , NFTs are game characters for earning Momo, which can be upgraded, which will increase their value. They can be purchased on the game’s marketplace or knocked out of mystery boxing.  

How to start playing Mobox?

To start the game, we need to register. It is simple, you can go through both using e-mail and using the phone:

As in all blockchain games, in order to record progress or make purchases, we need to connect a crypto wallet, for example, Metamask .

Ready! Now you can explore all areas of Momoverse! Also, in addition to the browser version, you can play on your mobile device:

Mobox Game

There are quite a few games in the Mobox metaverse. Some of them are decentralized finance familiar to us, but hidden in the gameplay, while others are similar to popular blockchain games.

Let’s start with Mobox Farmer

There are several games in this section:

  • Crates. This is a staking where we farm keys to open boxes. Momo game characters drop out of the boxes. To play, it is enough to replenish your balance with coins, for example, BUSD, and send them to staking;

  • NFT Farmer Event. Linked to the previous game. But if in Crates we farmed keys to open boxes, then here we use them. Momo characters drop out of the boxes. What exactly is not known, but the chances are indicated under the chest;

  • My Momo and Mining Camp. This is where your Momo characters earn you $MBOX passive income. No interaction with the Mining Camp is needed, after receiving Momo, they immediately go there and generate income.

We’ve broken down DeFi games. Now we will talk about the games in Momoverse in the “Games” section, most of them are analogues of the games we already know:

  • Momoverse Metaverse. This is a large virtual world where you play as your avatar. In Momoverse, you can explore the map, nearby buildings, and also craft! Inside the metaverse, you can chat with other players and mine with your Momo at various Camps, such as Beast Camp, similar to the Mining Camp in Mobox Farmer.

  • ChainZ Arena. This game is essentially an AFK Arena in which all interaction takes place only in the game menu. We need to assemble a strong team and participate in auto battles against monsters or bosses;

  • Moland Defense. This is a tower defense game where we have to defend our building by placing towers in the form of heroes in the way of enemies. As you progress through the game, opponents will become stronger, so you need to increase the strength of your fighters!

  • Block Brawler. Here, too, auto-battles, but before the start of the battle, we will have to choose a battle plan, namely, to place a sequence of abilities used in the battle. There are a lot of abilities in the game, so everyone can create their own unique sequence for their hero.

  • tokenmaster. The most important game on Mobox! In fact, it is an analogue of Axie Infinity . The principles of the game are similar: at the beginning we are given 3 free Momo, they can be upgraded and participate in 3v3 battles against other players.

Mobox How to earn?

All ways to earn money in the game are passive income. To do this, you must either make a deposit of coins or collect a good portfolio of NFT Momo.

Ways of earning:

  • Staking . We analyzed this method when we talked about Mobox Farmer. Here we will only need funds that we can send to the Mobox pool and receive rewards from commissions in the game. Now APY (Average Annual Return) 53.69%

  • Mining. The easy way. This is where Momo playable characters come in handy. After receiving/purchasing, they will immediately go to mine the $MBOX currency. Earnings will depend on the number and pumping of your Momo;

  • Momo trade. Momo is the main NFT in the game. In addition to mining with them, they can also be resold on the game marketplace. You can upgrade Momo in order to sell at a higher price. Or try to knock out rarer NFT characters from Mystery Box and sell them. Rare Momos have very good liquidity in the market, so their prices can go up to several hundred BUSD.

Mobox is a very high-quality platform that combines several ways of passive income and a lot of games of different genres. Even if you do not plan to make money on Mobox, you should definitely try all the variety of gameplay in this metaverse! 

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