Metaverse Security Specialist

Metaverses can become an alternative to reality. Virtual worlds,  NFT marketplaces, weddings, concerts. An endless variety of entertainment of various categories. But what if users start to abuse their freedom and create chaos? Already, in communities, the issue of security is quite acute.

The metaverse security manager is the guarantor of providing a favorable environment for users. It is he who develops a strategy to protect against intruders without turning the universes into cyberpunk dystopias.

Key responsibilities of a specialist

  1. Development of methods for ensuring a favorable environment with their subsequent application
  2. Creation of norms and rules in cooperation with a blockchain lawyer
  3. Adaptation of existing methods of protection against hacking specifically for the metaverse
  4. Design user protection measures that ensure the confidentiality  of personal data and assets
  5. Monitoring of backbone security functions during the operation of projects

In short, the security manager develops security systems and then integrates them into the metaverse. The peculiarity of the approach is to create a system that is maximally protected from the hands of intruders, minimizing risks and possible functional or legal losses.

Why is a metaverse security manager needed?

The profession of cybersecurity is not particularly new, but its adaptation to the world of the blockchain environment will be in great demand. Developed a cool project – excellent. Protected it from the hands of intruders – even better.

In addition to hackers, well-known trolls pose a threat. In web3 ecosystems, as in any other part of the World Wide Web, there are people who are not familiar with the concepts of ethics and mutual respect. This type of user deliberately violates the rules and humiliates other users in order to console their own self-esteem.

Trolls can be both ordinary users and representatives of a competing project, far from understanding the rules of the market

The task of a security specialist, in this case, will be the development of a security administration system with the aim of promptly identifying such subjects through the implemented tools. 

How to Become a Metaverse Security Specialist?

In addition to knowledge of the English language (without it, the blockchain world is tight), you will need confident PC skills. This is the base.

Further, according to the educational plan, there is training in blockchain development languages ​​(Solidity, etc.) to understand workflows and implement the most effective protection functions.

A specialized education or experience in cybersecurity will be a huge plus – it will be easier for you to navigate in a field that is already familiar to you and it will be easier to join the training. 

Demand and Prospects

We mentioned above that the web3 ecosystem is part of the worldwide web. Blockchain algorithms can partially protect your data from cybercriminals. What about the rest of the dark side of the internet? Social engineering scammers, fake websites, NFT collections. No one is immune from attempts at deception. However, here again, the task of the security manager will be to minimize such suspicious persons. 

At the moment, you can find vacancies for a security specialists with a salary of several thousand US dollars. Realizing the future of the metaverses and the special demand for this personnel in the web3 ecosystem, it is safe to assume that the salary of a specialist guarding virtual worlds and their users will be even higher.

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