Mipt Graduates Receive Diplomas In The Form Of NFT

The MIPT Master’s Program in Blockchain issued diplomas in the form of NFTs to its graduates. The diploma in the form of an NFT video contains information about the student, the year of graduation, the signature of the student, and the attestation commission. 

Even though the author of the NFT is MIPT, the rights to the token belong to the graduate. NFTs are based on the Ethereum network and hosted on the OpenSea platform.

MIPT considered this step to be logical. In their opinion, the NFT space has established itself in the market as a form of ownership of a digital object and not just as a collectible. Moreover, such a diploma cannot be faked.

Forgery of diplomas and certificates of education is still an acute problem worldwide. Many world universities have also turned to blockchain technologies, as they saw them as an ideal solution. For example, in early February, students from two major South Korean universities, Sungkyunkwan and Hoseo, received diplomas in the form of NFTs. And the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017, proposed the introduction of blockchain for student certification. Last year, several universities in India switched degrees based on Ethereum. This happened just at the moment when the problem of forgery of diplomas escalated. 

In addition, the NFT diploma has another advantage – instant access from anywhere in the world. 

MIPT notes that NFT has the potential to gain a foothold in everyday life:

“For example, you can sell tickets to events in the form of NFTs or use them as proof of ownership of real estate.”

S7, Sberbank, Russian Railways, and Alfa-Bank are among the few in Russia who have already chosen blockchain technology because of its simplicity and transparency. 

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