NBA Star Stephen Curry Files For NFT And Metaverse Trademarks

World famous basketball player and NBA star Stephen Curry have filed for the CURRYVERSE trademark. The request was submitted directly to the US Patent and Trademark Office in early October this year. According to experts, the trademark application covers many services related to the Web3 industry.

It is expected that Stephen Curry will actively promote various services in the Metaverse: virtual shoes, clothes, sports bags, watches, belts, hats and other items in the Metaverse segment. The application also includes uploaded and authenticated goods using non-fungible NFT tokens. According to experts, Stephen Curry’s team also intends to offer consumers digital platforms for creating, promoting and exchanging NFT tokens.

It is noteworthy that the basketball player himself plans to appear in the Metaverse as a professional athlete personally. In short, Curry’s new patent application came as no surprise to anyone, as he has long established himself as a prominent crypto enthusiast. In May 2018, Curry launched his first CryptoKitty NFT under his brand.

At the end of the summer of 2021, the NBA star purchased a token from the popular Bored Ape line for $180,000. In March 2022, Stephen Curry signed a partnership contract with the well-known crypto platform FTX.

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