News Reports Going 3D

Thailand will launch Meta News Station, which promises to turn news reports into a three-dimensional virtual presentation.

Announced on Sunday at the Thailand Metaverse Expo 2022, the launch attracted attention from the general public and IT and NFT experts.

The organizers said the news media should use all the new opportunities available in the metaverse. To implement this idea, Metaverse Thailand will provide a platform for news consumers to enter the virtual world through their avatars.

They previously partnered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to launch the Amazing Thailand Metaverse: Amazing Durian project, which featured virtual durian gardens.

Erectrus will provide technical support by identifying where the news is coming from, and the role of the Nation Group will be to ensure that news reports are accurate.

Meta News Station will allow the audience to be present virtually and exchange views with the reporter in real-time. The organizers also explain that the term “news” in the virtual world means that consumers can be virtually transported to any corner of the country where the report comes from.

The technology provided by Erectrus will open up two-way communication between reporters and audiences. The audience will also be reporting from the scene. 

The presentation emphasized that fake news spread through social networks is the main problem. The only way to overcome this problem is to identify each reporter on the Meta News Station. The identification of a reporter in the Meta News Station places the responsibility on the reporter to ensure that the report is correct, verified, and reliable.

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