Founder Confident Web3 Will Rebuild The Internet

In 2021, the NFT space has seen a huge surge in popularity and adoption of tokens in all sorts of sectors of the economy. In the same period, sales hit a record $14 billion and NFTs not only infiltrated the market, but also became a status symbol , thereby opening up new opportunities for a range of industries. And despite the fact that by the beginning of 2022 the direction has slightly lost interest from the community, many are confident that NFT and the Web3 space are here to not only stay, but also change technologies forever.

One of the supporters of this idea is the founder of and director of Immutable Holdings, Jordan Fried. In one exclusive interview, he talked about Buffett’s influence on the Web3 ideology, the imminent launch of, and more.

Freed has been active in the cryptocurrency space since 2012 , using bitcoin as a payment method in the VPN business, and then becoming a core member of the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger technology founding team, personally bringing Google, IBM, Boeing, LG Electronics to the Hedera Board of Governors. .

Just over a year ago, he founded Immutable Holdings, a blockchain management company that currently has over $80 million in assets and aims to “democratize access to blockchain technology.”

Already at the very beginning of his interview, Fried, referring to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, stated that NFTs have demonstrated the financial potential to outshine the value of crypto assets in the coming years:

“Everything we own in the physical world and the metaverse will be represented in the form of NFTs. So, if you sum up this total value, it will most likely be much more than the $1.9 trillion coins that are currently circulating on CMC.”

Although Fried seeks to emulate the successes of Warren Buffett, he has been outspoken in his criticism of his imperviousness to technological evolution, stating:

“No disrespect to the oracle of Omaha, but this man has missed every technological wave in his life. He is one of the best investors of our generation, but when it comes to bitcoin and blockchain, he just doesn’t spend enough time on them.”

Fried’s latest venture, is a decentralized platform for creators, artists, and collectors to trade and distribute NFT value, participate in digital discourse, and operate and participate in a community-driven ecosystem.

Fried promised that the platform will include NFT profiles, a web3 social network, a cross-chain database consisting of rankings, leaderboards and statistics data across multiple NFT collections, and more.

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Fried highlights the potential of Web3 to “rebuild the internet” through the coordinated formation of blockchain-based DAOs, which he believes are two to three years behind NFTs in terms of consumer acceptance and engagement.

“We want to decentralize over time by inviting the community to become leaders – it is the community of creators, artists and users that will help determine the future of the platform.”

At the moment, to make all this a reality, Fried is strengthening the experience of the team. However, while the platform will need to support multiple blockchains in the future, Fried stated that the platform will start with support for the most popular blockchain, Ethereum . He added:

“The way we will be running is through genesis key holders, so if you have a favorite NFT protocol, the best way to ensure it integrates is to purchase a genesis key and vote on which protocols we should consider integrating with.” .

He also stated that he and his team will first look at Hedera, Solana and Polkadot for implementation in the platform, because they are also popular. He concluded his thought by sharing:

“I really want your profile to be your address in the digital world where people can come and visit you. This is the destination, your web3 home, a metaphysical experience where the physical world meets the virtual.”

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