NFT Game By The Orcs Review

Today we will talk about a promising play-to-earn project, The Orcs. What is their game like, and what utilities and advantages do their NFTs provide now?

What are The Orcs?

The Orcs is a play-to-earn card game on the Solana blockchain where users can earn $ORCS for winning PVP or PVE battles. The game is very similar to Hearthstone (a popular card game).

The NFTs in the game are trading cards, land plots, and digital Orcs. We will tell you more about NFTs later.

The Orcs NFT

First, The Orcs is a collection of 8,888 Orc NFTs released on April 26, 2022, with a mint price of $2 SOL. During all this time, the collection floor rarely fell below the price of a mint!

Orcs are divided into 4 factions:

  • Loraxes – Descendants of the Neanderthals. A very aggressive, violent, and brilliant species;

  • Magnatals – their developed intelligence along with their penchant for beauty made these creatures excellent engineers capable of studying the exact sciences;

  • Solars is crazy about money. They do all sorts of operations with numbers in their minds;

  • Zurianes are the most uneducated orcs, workers in the catacombs.

All 4 factions will be available in the metaverse, each with its characteristics. Orcs have over 600 different attributes, making each Orc unique.

An important clarification: if you wish, you can build your Orc using the editor on the site:

Orcs also have 5 rarity classes:

  • common ;
  • Uncommon ;
  • rare ;
  • epic ;
  • Legendary.

The higher the rarity of your Orc, the more you can earn from your NFT.

What utilities do NFT Orcs have:

  • Staking. The very first utility to be added to The Orcs universe. Possibility to stake orcs and get $ORCS even before the game starts;

  • Crossbreeding and evolution. In addition to Genesis Orcs, there will be a collection of Orcs Lady, and by crossing these two NFTs, Baby Orc is created. Further, Baby Orc can be evolved into GEN2;

  • The Orc Family and the Dating App. One of the cool features of the Orc ecosystem, you can collect a whole family of Genesis, Lady, and Baby Orcs, which will give you more income on the land. Dating app;

  • NFT improvement. You can customize your Orc by adding rarer equipment to it;

  • Land plots and Expeditions. With the help of land plots, you can increase your earnings by building your own house. Finding lands occurs with the help of “Expeditions” – a kind of staking. Lands can also be rented from other players.

We talked about the most famous Orc utilities, but this is not a complete list. Of the future utilities, there are:

  • NFT burning;
  • NFT merger;
  • NFT mutations.

Play To Earn game The Orcs

The genre of The Orcs Game is a collectible card game (CCG). We will fight against other players, or bots, using the collected deck of cards from creatures and spells. The battle goes on until the health of one of the heroes drops to 0.

There will be a huge variety of cards of various rarity in the game, and everyone will be able to assemble their unique deck for battle.

Each card has its characteristics:

  • Health – how much damage the card can withstand;
  • Attack – how much damage the card does when attacking;
  • Armor – damage reduction on the map;
  • Mana – how much mana you need to spend to play a card.

The developers plan to make paired battles, where players can fight in 2v2 modes. There will also be many different events in the game, incl. an interesting story PVE-passage.

The Orcs Roadmap and Ecosystem

In the ecosystem of The Orcs, in addition to the card game, there are:

  • Marketplace – Orcs will have their internal marketplace where in-game assets and NFTs will be traded;

  • ORCADE – mini-games in the Orc universe. It will also be possible to earn an $ORCS token in them;

  • Train to Earn. Each Orc will have a different rank, from Beginner to Ultimate. To increase the rank, you need to send the Orc to the gym (no more than 5 hours a day). It is short-term staking.

The Orcs has excellent audience support, and this project has been at the top among the most anticipated play-to-earn games for several months. Developers create a high-quality product with its ecosystem and vast metaverse! There are already great examples of CCGs on the blockchain game market, such as Gods Unchained or Skyweaver. We hope that The Orcs Game will stand on par with them!

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