NFT Integration In Minecraft And GTA 5

MyMetaverse has succeeded in changing the mind of Mojang Studios regarding integrating NFT into games. Earlier, representatives of Mojang Studios spoke out against the use of NFT in Minecraft. 

Oscar Franklin Tan, CFO of blockchain company Enjin, and MyMetaverse CEO Simon Kertonegoro shared that they hit it off with Mojang Studios representatives. They showed the studio how to implement NFT without breaking the game.

Minecraft’s NFT-related rules were intended to protect players from negative experiences, and many servers broke those rules. According to Kertonegoro, this can be fixed by introducing free NFTs. 

“We wanted to show Mojang that this can be done in a way that benefits them, their player base, and the gaming industry. This is not the fastest way to attract people… But we knew it was the right way.” 

Enjin supported MyMetaverse on this issue, citing China, a country that opposes cryptocurrencies but expresses interest in NFTs, as an example. 

“If it works for the Chinese government, then why not for Minecraft,” the company stressed. 

NFTs created by MyMetaverse can also be used in games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) and Infinity Realm. NFT tokens in games will give different advantages: in Minecraft, it is a sword; in GTA, it is a car; and in Infinity Realms, it is a house. 

Oscar Franklin Tang believes that having NFTs that work across games is essential for developing the metaverse. In addition, the tokens developed by Enjin will positively impact the broader Polkadot ecosystem. 

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