NFT Sneakers For Street Football Fans

Decathlon has partnered with football freestyle champion Arnaud Garnier to create the Kipsta Barrio collection, which includes 2008 new versions of Garnier’s custom-designed shoes, a tribute to his distinguished career.

Each shoe, which has its own NFT equivalent in the form of a “golden ticket”, grants the wearer access to a luxurious football experience with a freestyle football world champion. According to Garnier, he strives to provide his fans, enthusiasts like him, with the best street football equipment and shoes that are not only comfortable, but also top-notch in style.

“For Decathlon, the Kipsta Barrio project is the first step into the world of blockchain and NFT. Therefore, we wanted to surround ourselves with partners who are standards in their universe. We hope this collaboration with Arnaud Garnier will attract many enthusiasts and we can’t wait for the public to try this new pair on.” – Valentin Ovine, NFT Representative at Decathlon.

Decathlon joins a rapidly growing list of recognizable brands that are growing in the NFT space and using only sustainable practices when creating tokens. For Decathlon, Tezos is such an ecological blockchain solution. In addition, Formula 1 racing teams such as McLaren and Red Bull have also turned to Tezos to bring fans into the green NFT space. Decathlon added that over time, their brand will use the power of Tezos to push the brand into the wider NFT space to cement its leadership position there.

“Decathlon has been recognized for its innovation for many years. We are happy to see that they are deploying their first NFT on Tezos. And who else but the world football freestyle champion Arnaud Garnier can become a symbol of this project!”. – Hadrien Zera, Managing Director of Nomadic Labs.

As a leading sports and marketing company, Decathlon has over 1,700 sales outlets worldwide and over 105,000 employees. Since the company’s founding in 1976, it has grown in popularity, and today is ready to strive towards one common goal that shows their place in the Web3 industry – to innovate in all areas.

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