NFTs Are Still In Demand

The latest DappRadar report showed an 18% increase in the number of unique traders in the NFT space during October, indicating a lot of community interest and demand. And this is even though the last month was the worst for the space in the sales sector. 

There were about 950,000 active monthly traders in the space in September, which rose to 1.11 million in October. Bright events could cause heightened interest. 

For example, the significant marketplaces Magic Eden and LooksRare switched to an optional royalty model, which undoubtedly aroused interest and a strong reaction from the community. 

In addition, the NFT space was held by Yuga Labs. About 70% of all sales came from two projects of the company – CryptoPunk and Bored Ape Yacht Club. And CryptoPunk once again set a sales record. 

It’s interesting to note the Polygon network, which accounted for many NFT sales last month thanks to the launch of NFT collections on Reddit.

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