OpenSea Introduced The Solana Launchpad NFT Feature

Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea has announced the arrival of the Solana Launchpad. According to the platform, the new feature is part of the primary goal of providing users with a rich multi-blockchain experience.

This event came three months after OpenSea implemented Solana support. Since then, OpenSea has continued to record 2% sales of Solana-based NFTs, while Magic Eden accounts for 97% of the market.

With Solana Launchpad, creators on OpenSea will entirely control the project launch process, from pre-mint to secondary market sales. In addition, the allowlist function will appear.

Solana Launchpad will take the collector experience to a new, improved level. Users can fund their wallets with fiat thanks to integration with MoonPay. And new collections will automatically appear on his page.

The launch of the Solana Launchpad also sees OpenSea partnering with two NFT projects based on Solana. These are Zoonies and Monkai, both of which will be launched via the Solana Launchpad this week.

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