OpenSea Will Create A Constructor For The Release Of NFT

Marketplace of non-fungible tokens OpenSea announced its constructor, which does not require technical knowledge to issue NFTs.

The OpenSea NFT marketplace will allow users to release blockchain-based collectible images without technical skills. The site announced this on its blog.

As part of the new initiative, users can generate NFTs directly on the site using a particular section without diving into the technical details of mastering intelligent contracts. In addition to the builder itself, OpenSea will also offer digital artists the opportunity to create customized web pages for their giveaways.

An example of a customized page in OpenSea. Source:

The personalized pages will display information about the distribution of NFTs, the project’s authors, the NFTs themselves, and a timer with the collection launch date. Using the constructor, users can also set up restricted NFT access lists. However, the timing of the launch of innovations on the site is not disclosed.

OpenSea hopes the web builder will help attract more digital artists, encouraging user engagement. The editors previously wrote that the dominance of the OpenSea NFT marketplace in terms of trading volumes is declining as more and more competitors appear. For example, since January, trading volumes on OpenSea have been falling rapidly. If the trading volume on the platform was about $5 billion at the beginning of the year, then by the end of July, a little less than $500 million was traded on OpenSea.

What’s more, the crypto community’s interest in NFTs has all but waned. If in mid-March 2022, the total capitalization of the top NFT collections was $36.6 billion, then in mid-August, the figure dropped to $22.5 billion.

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