Overview Of Wallets On The Ton Blockchain

Recently, the young, but very ambitious project The Open Network is gaining momentum. NFT collections, telegram web3 integration, domain auctions and a huge number of initiatives from the community. In addition, Pavel Durov recently expressed support for the project in his telegram channel. Today we have prepared for you an overview of wallets and exchanges that support the TON blockchain.


Tonkeeper (iOS & Android)

Multifunctional TON wallet with balance display, cost chart and web3 interface support inside Telegram. The service also provides the ability to view the NFT storage available on your wallet. In the application, you can buy cryptocurrency. When creating a wallet, a seed phrase is assigned .

Tonhub (iOS & Android)


The wallet is a mobile , but no less functional service. The key difference is the ability to stake TON through Ton Whales pools. The staking threshold is 50 TON, the yield is up to 13.3%. Payments occur at the end of the cycle in ~2 days. Keep in mind that the service takes a commission of 0.2 TON for transferring to and from a staking account. When creating a wallet, just like with Tonkeeper, a seed phrase is assigned.


NFT tokens cannot be tracked, only the ownership transfer transaction will be visible.

TON Wallet (iOS & Android + Desktop)

tone wall 3

A simple wallet with no frills, instant account creation and the ability to receive cryptocurrency through a link. Registration via seed phrase. Trading operations are carried out in the Wallet version of the telegram bot, the functionality of which is described below:

TON Wallet bot (Telegram)


Cryptocurrency wallet TON integrated into Telegram. Full functionality of interaction with cryptocurrency (except for staking). Possibility to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card (min. 2500 rubles) and create checks to send in a dialogue with the interlocutor. Verification by phone number is required.

Crypto bot (Telegram) 


Another multifunctional bot that supports not only TON, but also other coins. The exchange takes place in the P2P format, and withdrawals and credits of cryptocurrency (including hold) occur with an individual wallet in the bot, from which you can transfer the currency to your own. In addition to selling, the service allows you to create checks, use Crypto Pay as a way to pay for services, and also exchange crypto for USDT .

Exchanges supporting TON


tone wall 9

Cryptocurrency exchange that supports Toncoin trading. Initial verification is required through a phone number to access trading and the ability to withdraw and deposit currency, but all this is available only in cryptocurrency (i.e. it will be possible to deposit / withdraw money, but you will have to use third-party crypto exchangers). For transactions with fiat funds, full verification with documents is required.


tone wall 8

Another exchange that supports buying and selling TON. Verification on the site is not required, however, in order to increase trading limits, you will have to pass identity verification with a passport.

Exchanges supporting a tone similar to Gate.io



MEXC Global

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