Pianovision Accelerates Piano Learning With The Metaverse

The PianoVision app speeds up piano learning with Passthrough AR technology and hand tracking. The app is available for download on MetaQuest and VR Gaming. It uses the augmented and metaverse to teach users how to play the piano, whether the user has an instrument or not.

Gamers can either play an entirely virtual piano by learning notes and hand positions or use the app in conjunction with a real piano or MIDI keyboard they own. 

Through augmented reality, users can see their hands and keyboard in front of them, while PianoVision overlays interactive graphics showing how to play the instrument.

The app’s creator, Zach Reed, tweeted about the idea behind the creation. He could barely play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” when he started making PianoVision last year, but now he can play more complex tunes. 

Reed created an app to help aspiring musicians learn to play the Guitar Hero style of piano, which has become a cult app for learning and fun. 

PianoVision will allow you to upload your sheet music for learning instead of choosing from an existing library of pieces. In addition, the application supports a multi-user function. In PianoVision, you can virtually get together with friends to arrange a concert.

With MetaQuest already hosting several VR concerts for the likes of Post Malone and Billie Eilish, Zach Reed says there is still “a lot to explore” in the music VR space and to keep improving PianoVision.

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