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Waiting for a full-fledged combination of the concepts of the metaverse and the sandbox? You got it! We present to your attention a review of The Sandbox Alpha Season 3!

Alpha Season 3-1

Source: The Sandbox Game

What is Sandbox Alpha Season 3?

It ‘s a metaspace on the Ethereum blockchain that connects many virtual worlds or “lands”. Alpha Season 3 launched on 08/24/2022 and has been a big hit in the metaverse industry along with MetaverseArtWeek this week.

Now 4 worlds are available for the average user:

  • Alpha Lobby;
  • Club XYZ (feat. Steve Aoki);
  • WMG Land;
  • Sueco’s Split Personalities.

Alpha Season 3-2

The more observant may have already noticed that the world of Club XYZ has gone missing for a while, probably to fix bugs. The Sandbox metaverse is still in development, so the developers are actively asking to report any malfunctions.

Alpha Season 3-3

According to the official Medium of the project, over the next 10 weeks, more than 90 quests and 100 hours of gaming experience will be open to the public! Some of them were created in collaboration with famous partners such as: Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Sueco, Warner Music Group, Steve Aoki and many others!

Alpha Season 3-4


Source: The Sandbox Game

How to take part?

What do you need to join the new Sandbox season and possibly earn some prizes?

Nothing specific is required to travel to the Sandbox metaverse. You just have to register through mail or a cryptocurrency wallet.

Alpha Season 3-5

A huge number of different cryptocurrency wallets are suitable for registration, the main of which are Metamask and Coinbase Wallet. Alternatively, you can use WalletConnect if you have any other. WalletConnect supports over 100 different cryptocurrency wallets.

The next step is to pass KYC (Know-Your-Customer) verification. You may not pass verification, but then you will not be able to receive rewards, but about them below.

How to start playing?

After registration, you need to download the installer, click Download Alpha in the upper right corner.

Alpha Season 3-6

After downloading, the installer will prompt you to open the game and you will find yourself in the Alpha Lobby. You can also log in directly on the site by selecting the “land” on the map and pressing Play.

Alpha Season 3-7

After loading the location, you will find yourself inside the metaverse. Here you can communicate with NPCs, complete quests and gain experience. In addition, you can interact with other users who are inside the game world.

Alpha Season 3-8

Is there an opportunity to earn?

Exploration of Sandbox Season 3 can be started from any virtual world, however, the experience of each of them is based on travel and completing quests, for which you can receive rewards in the form of various NFTs or SAND tokens. Separate events will also be announced, by taking part in which you can get prizes. Guaranteed rewards in the form of SAND tokens will be given to users who own plots of land in the Sandbox metaverse, avatars or other NFTs from the collection dedicated to the launch of Season 3. Since the pool of these NFTs is quite wide, you will definitely be able to find something for yourself there!

Alpha Season 3-9

Source: The Sandbox Game

You can also take part in the lottery. There are several options to increase your chance of receiving prizes in addition to completing quests. These are SAND token staking, participation in events, a referral program and the purchase of some NFTs from previous seasons.

Alpha Season 3-10

Alpha Season 3 runs until November 1st, so you still have time to join the hundreds of thousands of users expected to visit this metaverse over the next 10 weeks!

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