Selfridges Announces NFT Drop In Collaboration With Paco Rabanne

Selfridges announced the launch of its new collaborative NFT series between Paco Rabanne & Fondation Vasarely. Selfridges is a UK department store and they are selling NFTs in store right now. The new NFT collection launches Tuesday, April 12th.

Purchases are made directly with Moon Pay, which allows users to purchase an NFT instantly with a credit or debit card.

The NFT series will be available through Selfridges metaverse store in Decentraland until April 14th. Selfridge also has a physical store in Birmingham, England.

Paco Rabanne and Selfridges NFT Collaborations

The new NFT collection is part of Universe: a cultural collaboration between Selfridges, Fondation Vasarely, and Paco Rabanne. Paco Rabanne is a world-famous fashion designer and Victor Vasarely is the founder of Fondation Vasarely; a museum in France.

In addition, Fondation Vasarely is the first cultural institution in France to create NFTs. These two have been collaborating in the NFT space since January of this year.

“I’m proud that we have been able to truly push the boundaries of the shopping experience with this collaboration,” said Selfridges Director Sebastian Manes. The brand is pushing the concept of blending virtual and physical goods.

Industry creatives are able to come together and innovate, through Web3 and NFTs. Again, the new collection will launch Tuesday, April 12th.


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