Slipknot Partners With The Sandbox To Launch Metal-themed Knotverse

American nu metal band Slipknot is ready to bring more volume to the metaverse with a strategic partnership with The Sandbox. Slipknot, along with its own music festival platform Knotfest, will team up with the popular platform to build Knotverse.

According to the musicians, the result will be a wild and amazing place dedicated to the dark carnival, where metal heads will gather and explore the possibilities of the virtual world.

Thus, in the new virtual environment, fans of the nu metal band will be able to enjoy a number of benefits by participating in a number of activities. In other words, they can attend real concerts, enjoy group-related games, and visit a social center for like-minded people.

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Slipknot shared the news on their Twitter:

“We are partnering with TheSandbox to help create the Knotverse, bringing together Knotfest and heavy metal fans from around the world for a unique metaverse experience.”

What’s more, as the band builds a grand celebration of all things metal, interested parties can expect more and more digital content to surface. We already know that fans can expect unique NFTs, generative collections, collaborations and digital clothing for their avatars, all of which will be available on the new Knotverse platform.

The group reiterated that the new initiative will not be just the group’s aspiration to get into trends, but a real social place for fans, allowing people from all over the world to come together, share adventures and discuss the latest releases of their favorite genre. And all this within the new digital universe.

Slipknot was formed back in 1995 and quickly gained popularity among fans of the metal genre. The members themselves describe their sound as “metal metal”. The popularity of the group is partly due to the fact that the band members at their concerts and photo shoots wear special jumpsuits and bright masks that reflect the personality of each member. Thus, fans will be doubly interested to see how this will be implemented in the NFT format.

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