Smart Contract Developer: About The Profession

Our articles cover news from the NFT world: New collections, marketplaces, digital art, cryptocurrencies, and various metaverses. And what about the people who make all the processes mentioned above work? Today we will look at one of the most sought-after professions in the crypto industry – a competent contract developer. 

Key Responsibilities of a Blockchain Developer

  1. Development of the basis of a smart contract, its security protocols
  2. Application of a smart contract in decentralized services and applications
  3. Integration of projects into people’s daily lives

At its core, the profession involves the creation of algorithms for the operation of the blockchain network, depending on the project that requires the creation of a smart contract.

There are many areas besides NFT where this technology is already being applied. First, the blockchain provides the possibility of a secure transaction without the participation of third parties, with all the ensuing consequences.

Options for using smart contracts

1. Car sharing.

In this area, a smart contract acts as a security guarantor for both the user and the company providing the service. 

The service is protected from unauthorized access to cars; in case of a shortage of funds, the smart contract will instantly block access to transport management.

And the client, in turn, does not have to worry about the security of his data – the decentralized system is resistant to hacking attempts, and the possibility of data leakage is reduced to zero.

2. Supply chains.

In fact, in transport logistics, blockchain applies to many categories. The most obvious can be considered the usual tracking of parcels for all of us. It probably happened to everyone that the parcel should arrive in two weeks, and in a month, the seller did not answer anything.

This problem can be solved using intelligent contracts in the parcel tracking system. The entire path from the warehouse to your post office will be recorded on the blockchain. Cheating is not possible here. 

3. Real estate.

An area where, without trust, a transaction is impossible in principle. Buying an apartment or a house is probably the most significant expense in every person’s life. Cases of fraud and theft of funds from the buyer are not uncommon. 

Blockchain technology allows you to sleep peacefully, without forcing the transaction’s participants to worry again about funds and property. 

As mentioned above, a smart contract allows you to exclude third parties altogether. The purity of the transaction when making a deal is guaranteed. The money is frozen in the buyer’s account – the right to own real estate is frozen from the seller. When funds are transferred, the smart contract triggers the exchange—no bureaucracy or fraud. 

In addition to the advantages mentioned above of smart contracts, it is worth highlighting a plus that is as attractive as possible for all areas – a massive reduction in costs due to the lack of need for third-party services. And where costs go down, prices go down. The benefit is evident to everyone.

How to become a competent contract developer?

If you already know Javascript or C++, then learning the development language of the identical Ethereum will be much clearer since Solidity is similar to Java and C++. 

However, even if you do not have programming skills, there is a great desire to become a qualified specialist; remember that in any undertaking, the main desire and perseverance are what will allow you to reach heights, no matter what level of training you are at. To start learning, the most important thing is knowledge of English and confident use of a PC.

Developer Perspectives

Undoubtedly, blockchain is the future, which is increasingly moving into the present. Companies, Internet services, and many enterprises are looking at this technology. Every entrepreneur wants to provide maximum security to their business and customers and minimize the waste of resources to ensure it.

With smart contracts, all this has become possible, and specialists in this profession will be increasingly in demand. If you type “smart contr “ct developer vacancies” in the sea “ch engine, we will see that now the employer is ready to offer a salary of 200 thousand rubles, and the opportunity to cooperate with foreign companies allows us to increase the salary threshold by at least twice.

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