Solana: “Our Web3 Phone Is A Chance To Beat Apple And Google”

  • Solana, the co-founder, spoke about the company’s crypto smartphone 
  • They want to compete with Apple and Google
  • The company will offer decentralization that top tech giants do not have

The head of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko, shared his plans and spoke about the prospects for Saga, the company’s Web3 smartphone, presented in June this year.

According to the businessman, Solana will offer a new alternative to traditional business models – decentralization instead of total control. The company relies on working with programmers and users from niche groups.

The new smartphone will attract the audience through a bet on decentralization, transparency, and other Web3 technologies. Well-known competitors like Apple and Google cannot offer such advantages because “it violates their business models .”

In contrast to the monopolies of Apple and Google, Web3 solutions will enable the free disposal of digital property. User rights will be secured in an independent blockchain.

“ Now is a great opportunity [ to compete ],” Yakovenko said, adding that the theoretical transition of tech giants to Web3 would be “ a victory for everyone in the cryptosphere .”

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