Solana Wallets Under Massive Attack. Urgent Rescue Measures

  • Large-scale hack in the Solana network
  • Hackers withdrew over $5 million from wallets, which is increasing.
  • Here is a list of urgent actions for Solana users

The Solana network has been the victim of a massive hacker attack. During the night, the criminals have already withdrawn more than $5 million, and the counter continues to grow. More than 8,000 Phantom, Trust Wallet, and Slope wallets were hacked.

What is known so far:

  1. Hackers withdraw native tokens SOL and SPL (USDC).
  2. Phantom and Slope wallets are vulnerable.
  3. Revoking permissions won’t help. Also, unlinking from sites will not work – money was lost even from wallets that did not have a link.
  4. Most likely, the exploit is associated with stealing seed phrases and keys through a browser vulnerability. Transactions are signed on behalf of the wallet owner.

Addresses that were inactive for more than 6 months mostly suffered. But chats also report theft from active wallets.

Urgent Rescue Measures

Users urgently need to send all their funds to a cold wallet. If it is not there, temporarily transfer the tokens to the exchange.

Additional measures:

  • On Solscan, you can put a notification in the mail about all the transactions of your wallets.
  • Update your browsers.
  • Just in case, protect the Solana-based NFTs as well. They can be listed on the exchanges at overpricing.
  • It’s a good time for traders to short Solana, but they already know it.

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